The cold season is upon us, but that doesn't mean we have to give up wearing and being close to our baby. In winter, there are some special considerations to make sure both you and your baby are suitably warm, but not too warm. Here are some options and tips for winter babywearing.

Options for winter babywearing

There are two main options for winter babywearing: you can either wear your baby under your own jacket or over your own jacket. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain below.

Carrying covers in winter

If you want to wear your baby over your own jacket, you can put a babywearing cover over the carrier to protect your baby from the wet, wind and cold. These covers are usually attached to the back of the carrier to ensure they stay in place. They are usually available in one size and can be used throughout the entire babywearing period. Some covers can also be used as a footmuff for car seats, baby carriages or bike seats.

To ensure that your baby is comfortably warm but not overdressed, you can use the onion or layering principle, where different layers of clothing are combined. Start with underwear, then normal clothing and, depending on the thickness of the cover and the outside temperature, a fleece or woolen overall.

It is advisable to choose baby clothes made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or wool, as they are breathable and comfortable on the skin.

Advantages of wearing with a cover

  • Flexibility to adjust the layers of clothing.
  • Multifunctional, as they can also be used as a footmuff or blanket.
  • Cost saving compared to babywearing jackets.
  • Can be used by different family members.
  • Can be used throughout the entire babywearing period.

Conclusion: A babywearing cover is a practical and inexpensive way to protect and carry your baby in winter.

Carrying under your own jacket

Another option is to carry your baby under your own jacket using a special babywearing or maternity jacket or a jacket insert with zippers to create space for your baby. This way, you can both be comfortably protected from the wind and weather in a single jacket.

Again, the onion principle is key here. Start with underwear, normal clothing and add a fleece or wool overalls depending on the thickness of the jacket. Don't forget the right hat and warm socks. If necessary, you can remove layers of clothing, as the combined body heat can provide additional warmth.

A simple method to find out whether your baby is too warm or too cold is the neck test. Simply feel the back of your baby's neck or between the shoulder blades - comfortably warm skin means your baby is comfortable.

Advantages of wearing under your own jacket

  • Maintaining close body contact and the cozy feeling.
  • Easy to take off your own jacket without removing your baby.
  • Quick check of the baby's temperature.
  • Babywearing jackets can often be used as maternity jackets and normal outdoor jackets.

Conclusion: If you like to carry your baby frequently and are out and about a lot, a babywearing jacket is a worthwhile investment.

Babywearing scarf as a useful accessory

For extra warmth and comfort, there are babywearing scarves that can be worn around the neck instead of a normal, thick winter scarf and often extend to the chest area.

Final thoughts

Whichever method you choose, wearing them in winter is just as comfortable as in summer. You don't have to do without the warmth or the close contact, and your baby doesn't have to be squeezed into a ski suit. Enjoy the wonderful time of babywearing in winter and keep your baby warm and happy!